Uniqop: unique online grocery store for Persian food

Uniqop is a new online platform for all Persian food lovers that have combined market and books to provide the best Ingredients and best Persian food recipes. You can find anything you need for cooking at Uniqop’s online store. We have gathered a collection of high-quality groceries from all brands available in the market to ease your shopping. Shopping from Uniqop is beneficial in two ways. First, Uniqop has a complete selection of every available grocery in the market which leaves you no need to search for stuff in other stores. Therefore, you save a lot of time. Next, Uniqop’s Persian grocery store is an online store that lets you find everything with simple clicks and without any transporting. Therefore you need a lot of energy by eliminating traffic and transportation for shopping.


If you are a Persian food lover living outside of Iran, you are probably familiar with the challenges of finding good Persian food. Uniqop is here to put an end to all these challenges. Uniqop not only provides the best ingredients you need for making Persian food but also has a complete collection of Persian food recipes which lets you make the best Persian dishes. Uniqop’s recipes include the knacks of Persian mothers for making a delicious Ghormeh Sabzi, Tahdig, and Shirazi Salad. Uniqop is here to support you in Persian cooking from appetizers to drinks and desserts.


Uniqop is an online grocery store that provides essential information about Persian cooking along with selling groceries. Whether you are a beginner in Persian cuisine or you are a master chef Uniqop can bless you knacks and hints to enhance your Ghormeh Sabzi’s taste. Uniqop’s online grocery store is already ready in California to fill your Persian baskets. Soon everyone all over America can enjoy Uniqop’s store. Our online Persian food recipes are available online for all Persian food lovers around the globe. Do not hesitate to cook the most delicious Tahdig and Ghormeh Sabzi using Uniqop’s advice.



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